The Preferred Strategy was consulted on from: 28 June - Midday 12 September 2019 - Consultation now Closed

The Preferred Strategy is the first formal publication in the preparation process of the Replacement Local Development Plan (LDP2).

This stage of the consultation includes the following documents:

The Preferred Strategy

This contains:

  • the main issues that the planning system need to address
  • vision for the County that can be delivered by land use planning,
  • objectives to deliver the vision
  • the preferred strategy (the preferred approach to dealing with growth in terms of level and location of development)
  • a set of strategic policies which will help deliver the vision and objectives and therefore address the issues.


An easy ready version of the Preferred Strategy is available


The Preferred Strategy is published alongside the following documents for consultation:

Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report (ISAR) Consultation

Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report (HRA)


To respond to any of the above documents, please use Preferred Strategy Response Form 2019


Alongside the Preferred Strategy the following documents are available for information:

Preferred Strategy Executive Summary

Draft Land Use Policies for LDP2

Draft Development Management Policies for LDP2

Draft Removed Policies from LDP1 for LDP2


Alongside the consultation on the Preferred Strategy there is also an Additional Call for Candidate Sites.


The following are available for for information:

Candidate Site Register

Evidence Base

Integrated Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessment

Delivery Agreement

Review Report


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