Social Services assist people within Ceredigion who may need information, advice, support or care and protection to enable them to live safely within the community.

This includes people with an illness or disability, learning disability, older people, people with mental health or substance misuse issues, children and families and those people who provide informal care for others (carers).

Information and advice

Not everyone wishes to work with Social Services and due to our finite amount of resources; we may not be able to work with everybody that wants us to work with them. Often, there are other services, organisations or community resources that will be better placed to help you with your needs and we can advise you of which ones are the most appropriate for your circumstances.

The information and advice that we can provide both on our website, in our leaflets and in discussion with Porth Gofal is intended to encourage you to make your own decisions in order to remain as independent as possible so that you can remain living within in your own home for as long as you want to, managing the challenges of raising your children or participating in our community. We want to assist you to get the help that you want, when you want it.

Help and support

As we only have a finite amount of money for all the services that we have to provide, we need to ensure that we assist those who are in the greatest need, and therefore we have to apply ‘an eligibility criteria’. The eligibility criteria is set for us by the Welsh Government.

In order to decide if you meet the eligibility criteria, we would need to carry out an assessment of need. The type of assessment will depend on whether it is an adult or a child and their family who requires support. However both assessments will look at what difficulties you or your family are currently experiencing (i.e. the reason why you or someone else has requested help), what support you currently have in place, what you are able to do for yourself or your child (i.e. your current strengths), what is important to you (i.e. to remain at home) and what help is available either through Social Services or the wider community.

For further information regarding assessment please click below:

If you are not eligible for support from Social Services, we may signpost you to other agencies/organisations that may be able to assist you.

Social Services also provide a number of specialist services if you have: