Social Care Wales regulates the social care workforce in Wales, and provides national leadership and expertise in social care and childcare, play and early years in Wales.

The organisation is responsible for leading on regulating and developing the social care workforce, service improvement, data and research to improve care.

All social workers and social work students, and most social care workers and managers are required to register with Social Care Wales. This makes sure the person is suitable to work in social care and they’ve agreed to meet the standards of behaviour and conduct set out in the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care.

The Code of Practice makes sure social workers, social work students and social care workers and managers know what’s expected of them, and that the people who use the service and their families know what standards they can expect from the people who are supporting them.

If a worker’s alleged to have fallen below the standards expected by the Code, this can lead to an investigation and action by their employer, and in some cases, action from Social Care Wales itself.

You can find out more about Social Care Wales by visiting its website.