What is it?

Dewis Cymru is a website that is owned by local authorities across Wales and operated on their behalf by the Local Government Data Unit. It contains a directory that hosts a range of opportunities, events and services in the community. Organisations, communities and members of the public can use Dewis Cymru to let people know about what is available in their area.

Dewis Cymru has an online Wales-wide directory that Ceredigion residents can use to find a wealth of resources and opportunities in the county.

For example; a friendship group may hold a regular coffee morning, a community group might organise hiking or rambling trips in their local area, or a pub may hold a weekly open mic night. Any kind of event or resource can be placed on Dewis Cymru, once approved by a Dewis Cymru Editor. The Council, voluntary and third sector groups can also place details of the resources and services they offer on Dewis Cymru.

Dewis Cymru is an important resource for the entire Council – not only Social Care - as it allows the Council to list its own services on the website. It also helps people to help themselves and maintain independence if they need some support before necessarily coming to the Council. Anyone coming to the Council for support will continue to be helped.

How can it work?

The below case study shows how people can use Dewis Cymru to support their well-being. This case study was originally produced as a press release by Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Case study

Residents in a retirement complex have become more active thanks to an exercise class organised through Dewis Cymru.

A one-stop shop for wellbeing in Wales, Dewis Cymru provides a directory that allows users to access a range of services in areas such as health, money management and safety.
Visitors to the Dewis Cymru website can select the category they are interested in and a range of advice and links to services is available. Alternatively, it is possible to search by location to find a particular service in a specific area.

That is what Vale of Glamorgan Council Communities First officer Mark Ellis did when he wanted to find a Fitness Extend instructor for residents of a retirement community in Llantwit Major.

Fitness Extend is gentle exercise consisting of movement to music. He contacted Alana Bevan, who has been providing regular classes.

“After consulting with residents, one of the ideas they came up with was a Fitness Extend class,” said Mark. “I used Dewis Cymru to find a local instructor, who came in to do regular sessions with the residents, while people living externally joined in as well. The service was so easy to use and I found exactly what I wanted. I just typed in fitness instructor, the details popped up and I rang her straight away. Lana is great and everyone really enjoys the classes. I also used it to find an art teacher. The directory is useful when looking for any number of things.”

The retirement complex warden, Sheralee Baldwin, said, “The residents really enjoy it – it’s really about having fun and not taking things too seriously. It’s a group session which they like, especially because it’s so light-hearted. You can do some of the exercises sitting down in a chair by just lifting up your legs or arms – there’s no pressure. It’s great a service like Dewis Cymru exists to help us organise this kind of activity.”

Teresa James, an 80-year-old resident of the retirement complex who participates in the Fitness Extend classes said: “I thoroughly enjoy the class. There’s an exercise and social element to it. It’s nice to be in a group with other people all exercising together. We exercise our arms, our wrists and our legs. When you get older it’s important to stay active and I wish we could have classes every day.”