Occasionally something goes wrong in the production or distribution of food. Food Alerts provide details of such incidents and can be accessed on this page.

The Food Standards Agency operates a system to alert the public and food authorities to national or regional potential problems concerning food which does not meet food safety requirements. These are known as food alerts.


The food alert system operates mainly through the voluntary co-operation of the food industry in withdrawing food from sale or supply. This can provide a quick and effective response to situations where contaminated food may present a danger to public health and thus enables food to be removed from the food chain.

Different alert types

There are two different levels of alert, namely:

→ FAFA (food alert for immediate action)

→ FAFI (food alert for information only)

When a food alert is issued, officers of this Department will investigate the extent of the product distribution with in the County and initiate procedures to remove the product from sale.

Accessing information

You can register to receive automatic notification of new food alerts by clicking here to go to the Food Standards Agency, food alerts Web page.