SFBB for Caterers has been updated taking into account Food Standards Agency (FSA) policy changes and feedback that the FSA have received from enforcement officers and businesses. Businesses that have implemented previous versions of the pack will continue to be compliant with the law and do not need to change to this updated version. This article explores the changes and provides links for businesses to request the newly updated pack.

The main change is a new safe method on product withdrawal and recall, which can be found in the updated pack in the Management section. This new safe method will also be available to order, shrink wrapped, in packs of 5 direct from the FSA publications line – telephone 0845 606 0667 or by email to: foodstandards@ecgroup.co.uk

Diary refills are also available to local authorities and businesses direct from the FSA publications line – telephone 0845 606 0667 or by email to: foodstandards@ecgroup.co.uk . Diary refills should be ordered direct from the publications line.

If you require any further information, please contact the food safety team on 01545 572105.

The SFBB supplement for Care Homes has been updated to include a link to the listeria fact sheet published on 31st July 2008. This change can be found in the 'Where can I get more information' part of the 'How to use this supplement' section, which is at the beginning of the supplement:


The Food Standards Agency has developed the Childminders pack for registered childminders / childcarers on domestic premises who provide meals and drinks for the children in their care. In developing the pack, the Agency has worked with the National Childminding Association, Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW), local authorities and childminders themselves.

The 'Safer Food, Better Business' pack for childminders is intended to be a simple, practical and easy to use resource that is jargon free, providing childminders / childcarers with an effective aid to enable them to comply with the law but not overburden them with excessive record keeping.

It provides relevant information through safe methods for basic good food hygiene, a diary section with a 3 monthly review and an Action sheet for simple record keeping.

Copies of the Childminders pack can be ordered free of charge from EC Group on 0845 606 0667 or by e-mailing foodstandards@ecgroup.co.uk and quoting: FSA/1406/0709. Alternatively an online version of the pack can be downloaded from: