The Government's aim is to reduce the risk from emergencies so that people can go about their business freely and with confidence.

The UK Resilience website exists to provide a resource for civil protection practitioners, supporting the work which goes on across the UK to improve emergency preparedness.

Wales Resilience works to ensure that civil protection policy and planning is tailored to Welsh needs.

There is no reason to think Ceredigion is at particular risk at this time. However, if a major incident does occur, the advice is to go home or go inside some other safe location, stay indoors and tune into radio or switch on the television for news channels.

Go in, Stay in, Tune in

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The GO IN, STAY IN ,TUNE IN advice is recognised and used around the world. It was developed by the independent National Steering Committee on Warning and Informing the Public as being the best general advice to give to people caught in most emergencies.

Radio Ceredigion
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Radio Wales
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Any significant event affecting Ceredigion will be reported on the Council's website.