This consultation ended on the 23/02/2024

The response to this consultation was considered by Councillors in the meeting of Cabinet on 19/03/2024

Review of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) Mandatory and Additional Licensing Schemes for Ceredigion


  1. To approve:

OPTION 1: To redesignate the Additional Licensing Scheme to include:

  1. Those properties occupied by 3 or more persons, forming three or more separate households in the following specified wards only: Aberystwyth - North, Central, Penparcau, Rheidol and Bronglais; Llanbadarn Fawr – Padarn and Sulien, Faenor


  1. Licensing all properties which meet the following criteria on a county wide basis:
  • Those properties occupied by 5 or more persons, forming two or more separate households, regardless of the number of stories, AND
  • Section 257 HMOs (Housing Act 2004) created by converting buildings into flats where the conversions did not meet the Building Regulations 1991 Standards and they have not been subsequently brought up to the relevant standards.
  1. To note the feedback from the Healthier Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


Original Consultation 

HMOs are houses where more than one household live. For example, shared student houses and houses converted into flats/bedsits.

Ceredigion County Council must make sure that some HMOs are fit for purpose. If a HMO is 3 or more storeys high and has 5 or more people living in them, they have to have a licence. This is set out in Part 2 of the Housing Act 2004. If a HMO does not have suitable facilities or is badly managed, the Council can refuse to issue a licence.

The Council can decide on the types of HMO we will regulate under our additional licensing scheme.

Our current additional licensing scheme covers HMOs that house 5 or more people, in 2 or more separate households. It also covers HMOs in some areas of Aberystwyth that house 3 or more people, in 3 or more separate households. There is more information in the document, Additional Licensing Review 2023.

The existing additional licencing scheme ends in April 2024. The Council needs to decide whether to keep it as it is or to change it.

How to take part

Please fill in our online survey to help inform our decision.

Resident Questionnaire

Resident Questionnaire - Paper Copy

Areas of Aberystwyth with a high number of HMOs will receive a paper copy of this information. You can also ask for a paper copy from your local leisure centre or library.

The survey will tell us if our HMO Licensing schemes are working well. The results of the survey will also contribute to a report to Ceredigion Cabinet in Spring 2024. Landlords will have 3 months' notice of any changes to the additional licencing scheme.

If you want any more information about this consultation please contact us on 01545 570881 or by email: