Ceredigion County Council is warning residents to be aware of an energy efficiency installer who has been using the Council’s logo without permission on social media.

A Birmingham-based iEnergy Ltd company has been using the Council’s logo to promote the availability of grant funding for household energy efficiency measures through sponsored adverts on Facebook. The use of the logo by iEnergy wrongfully suggests that the Council has given endorsement and is in partnership with the installer.

The Council has not given iEnergy Ltd. permission to use the Ceredigion County Council logo and does not endorse the services the company provides. The Council has written to iEnergy Ltd. demanding that they stop using the Ceredigion County Council logo on adverts that appear on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Councillor Matthew Vaux, Cabinet Member for Partnerships, Housing, Legal and Governance and Public Protection, said: “iEnergy Limited’s use of our logo gives the impression to Ceredigion residents who have seen this advert on Facebook that the Council has endorsed their company, which is not the case. We have not given the company permission to use our logo and we do not endorse the services they offer. If the company continues to use our logo, we will take appropriate legal action against them.”

The Council does participate in the ECO4 Flex scheme to help tackle fuel poverty in the county. The scheme is funded by obligated energy suppliers and can enable home energy improvements. The Housing Service manages a framework of ECO4 providers to deliver measures under ECO4 Flex and undertakes assessments of client eligibility.

Households wishing to apply for ECO4 Flex funding should contact one of Ceredigion County Council’s approved ECO4 Flex providers who will facilitate the application process. The list of providers is available on our webpage: www.ceredigion.gov.uk/resident/housing/financial-assistance/energy-efficiency-schemes/eco-flexibility-funding/. Alternatively, you can call the Housing Service on 01545 572105 to request a paper version of the list to be sent to you.

ECO4 Flex is considered a key driver in assisting the Council in their aim of reducing fuel poverty, whilst simultaneously contributing towards reducing carbon emissions from domestic homes, owned or occupied by those unable to pay for improvements themselves.