Glass recycling box imageEvery 3 Weeks

Place empty bottles and jars of any colour shape and size into your glass box for recycling. There is no need to remove labels, lids, corks or bottle tops.

Please rinse out bottles and jars before placing into your box.

Put you glass box out for collection at every opportunity, do not wait for the glass box to be full as it can be dangerous. Please do not fill your glass recycling box above the rim. Overfilling the box increases the chances of breakages and injury. If you need more than one box please contact us.

Types of glass accepted:

  • Glass drink bottles eg wine bottle, beer bottle
  • Glass jars for food items eg cooking sauce jar, jam jar, condiments jar
  • Glass perfume bottles
  • Glass bottles for medicine

There is no need to separate your glass according to colour.

Types of glass not accepted:

  • Pyrex containers
  • Drinking glasses
  • Spectacles
  • Window pane glass
  • Glass ornaments
  • Glass chopping boards
  • Light bulbs

Please take these items to your local Household waste Site for recycling. Alternatively, most of these items can be donated to your local charity shop providing they are in good condition and spectacles can be taken into most opticians.

Why can’t these items be included?

These items melt at a different temperature to glass bottles and jars. If they get mixed up and collected, they will contaminate the load making it useless and unable to be recycled.

If do you need a smaller box, or additional standard boxes please contact us.  However please note that the waste management team is prioritising the delivery of the initial recycling pack. Unfortunately, deliveries of additional or replacement boxes will therefore be delayed. We thank you for your patience.

Smaller box

After trying to use the standard box, if you feel a smaller box would be more suitable you may request a replacement.  You will be asked to leave the standard box where it can be collected when the replacement is being delivered.

Additional box

Until the delivery of the additional box is made you may present any surplus glass out for collection, on the scheduled glass collection day, in a suitable container of your choice eg a bucket, tub or old cardboard box. Where possible we will attempt to return your container.

Where can I keep my box?

The drain holes in the box are raised to retain liquid and prevent soiling to floors, should you keep your box indoors. However if you keep your box outside, the holes will allow the controlled release of rainwater.

Important notice

Please only put the items listed in your box for collection.

If the wrong items are collected and mixed into the load it will not be able to be recycled.

Any items that are not suitable for kerbside collection will be left in the box for you to re-sort and dispose of correctly.