This consultation ended 10/05/2023.

The response to this consultation was considered by Councillors at the Charity Trustees Committee meeting on the 29/06/2023.

Former Tregaron County School – sub-group

Appendix 1 - Tregaron - Full Responses

Appendix 2 - Tregaron- Summary

Following discussion, Members noted the responses to the public consultation and recommendations from the Sub-group, and unanimously RESOLVED:

  1. a) That officers, on the Trustees behalf identify appropriate officers from Porth Cymorth Cynnar and Schools and Culture services to discuss sporting facilities grant funding options; and
  2. b) That the Sub-group, consisting of the officers identified in the above recommendation and current sub-group members, meet to further discuss those funding options and provide recommendations back to Committee.


Original Consultation 

Ceredigion County Council is the trustee of the charity ‘Cardiganshire Intermediate and Technical Education Fund’. The Old County School, Tregaron formed part of this charity and on the 7th February 2019 the Charity Commission granted a new scheme which enabled the Council, as trustee, to sell The Old School and to use the proceeds of any sale towards the purpose of the charity.

The purpose of the charity is the advancement of education for pre-school and school-age children in Tregaron.

Currently the money held by the trust is £100,645 which includes the net proceeds of sale from the Old School and the historic sale of the former schoolhouse plus interest on investments.

On the 8th July 2021 the Council’s Charity Trustee Committee resolved to create a sub-group to consider recommendations on how any money held by the charity should be used to fulfil the charity’s purpose. Following the sale of the property, the Charity Trustee Committee resolved in its meeting on the 26th September 2022 to undertake an online public consultation to obtain opinions from the public to assist in informing and focusing the discussions of the sub-group as to how the monies should be spent to advance the education of pre-school and school-age children in Tregaron.

The trust money can only be utilised in the best interests of the trust therefore it cannot be used to further any policy or wish of the local education authority or to provide anything which is already a requirement on the local education authority to provide.

This consultation will run for 8 weeks and will end on 10th May 2023.

Once all responses have been collated the results will be taken before the Charity Trustee Committee sub-group for consideration.

Recommendations from the sub-group will be reported back to the Charity Trustee Committee for consideration and decision.

If you would like to read about the other work of the Charity Trustee Committee please visit the Charity Trustee Committee page.

How to respond

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