This consultation closed on 11/09/2022


The response to this consultation was considered by Councillors in the meeting of Cabinet on 04/10/2022

Report- Engagement and Participation Policy Talking Listening and Working Together.pdf 


To approve the Engagement and Participation Policy – ‘Talking, Listening and Working Together’ subject to the inclusion of ensuring there is engagement with Community Councils.

The Engagement and Participation Policy is now published on our website.

Engagement and Participation Policy - Ceredigion County Council

Original Consultation

We need to talk to people who live or work in Ceredigion about what we do for you.

Everyone who lives or works here will make use of some of the services in the council, including the people who work for the council. These could be the roads, schools, libraries or bin collections. When we make changes to how we do things then we need to make sure that you know about these changes and they do not have a bad effect on you.

We have updated our Engagement and Participation Policy; this will help us to make sure that we are talking to everybody and in the best way.

We wanted to ask you what you think about how we talk with you. The details of your responses can be seen at Appendix B of the Cabinet report above.