This consultation has now closed.

Cabinet approved on the 6th of December, 2022 that we progress with a wider consultation in 2023 focusing on the re-design of Day Services and Respite provision. There will be an opportunity for service users, families, carers and stakeholders to participate in shaping the future of person-centred opportunities across Ceredigion. Practice Solutions have been commissioned as an independent company to facilitate on this work, and we will be consulting with you all further in early 2023 ensuring that you all have opportunity to contribute in shaping the future provision in the County.

Our aim is to communicate with our existing service users, families, carers and wider stakeholders which includes representation from the third sector, advocacy, the Council and Health Board representatives with the aim of ‘providing a strategic framework for co-ordinating and delivering on an action plan of implementation to ensure we are maximising resources available, reducing duplication, achieving consistency and bringing about service improvement and transformational change in how we provide and commission high quality services improving outcomes for citizens in the region’.

This important piece of work is in conjunction with the Local Authorities Through Age Wellbeing programme and wider National and Regional Strategies.

As part of this consultation and engagement we wish to gain a greater understanding of day and respite opportunities for our Children Looked After, Children with Disabilities, Older Adults also individuals and families that may require access to services in the future and the wider population of Ceredigion.

Please complete the online questionnaire.

The consultation and engagement opportunity will run from 29/03/2023 to 21/06/2023.

This consultation has now closed.

Further to the engagement, we thank you all who participated.

Here's the Review of Respite and Day Opportunities report which includes recommended actions on the way forward.

Further updates will be released as we progress.