The Streetworks section is responsible for co-ordinating and monitoring all activities carried out on the public highway and a wide range of information on all aspects of works to roads carried out by "statutory undertakers" or their contractors.

These works are subject to the provisions of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, Traffic Management Act 2004 & the Highways Act 1980, under which a utility is required to inform Ceredigion County Council of any street works which it is carrying out on the public highway.

Along with coordinating works on the public highway, Ceredigion's Streetworks Section is also responsible for the following:

Filming Requests

During COVID Alert Levels, the approvals process for filming requests has been amended. If an in principle approval is given then the documentation will be assessed to ensure compliance with all public liability insurance, site/activity specific COVID Risk Assessments and other licence requirements.

Ceredigion County Council welcomes film makers to Ceredigion and regards Ceredigion as filming friendly.

Ceredigion has many unique locations from vast rural areas such as farmland to seaside locations and industrial derelict sites.  We also have a vast range of beautiful historic buildings as well as cottages and villages. We will be happy to accommodate your needs where possible and we will always try and help with your filming requirements.

If you require to film on streets/highways in Ceredigion we require you to complete an application form - giving at least 7 days notice and return to the Streetworks section along with a copy of your public liability insurance and risk assessment.


Section 184 (Vehicular Access)

The formation or alteration of vehicular access/es over roadside footways and verges on to Classified Roads (i.e. Trunk, Class A, B and C Roads) will require planning permission from the local planning authority. Works on Unclassified Roads, although may not require planning consent, will be subject to conditions imposed by the Highway Authority.

If you have a requirement for creating or extending a vehicle access in front of your home/land or business premises, please complete the application form and return to us. A minimum of 28 days notice is required to process the application.


Section 50

The need to obtain a street works licence applies to any person or organisation (other than anyone acting under a statutory right) who wishes to place, retain and thereafter inspect, maintain, adjust, repair, alter or renew apparatus, or change its position or remove it from the highway.

If you would like to apply for a street works licence please complete the appropriate form attached and post it back to us. A minimum of 28 days notice is required to process the application.


When carrying out any building work/maintenance or removal of any part of a property, it may be necessary to hire a Builder's skip to remove the debris.

If you have space, you must put the skip on your property. If you do not have available space, the skip company must apply for a licence to place the skip on the road. This is a requirement of the Highways Act 1980. The Local Authority, Ceredigion County Council, has the right to specify conditions relating to the position of Highway skips and the length of time they can remain on the road.

Before a licence is issued, an inspector will agree to a proposed location to place the skip. This must be a safe location and may not be immediately outside the property. The inspector will consider the safety of, and the possible disruption to, the travelling public before agreeing the location and issuing a licence.

To place a skip on the highway without first applying for and being granted a licence, is an offence under The Highways Act 1980 and may result in prosecution. The skip owner (supplier) has the responsibility to ensure that skips are positioned on the Highway in such a way that they do not cause an obstruction to other road users. It is not the householder or the builder's (contractor) responsibility to obtain the licence, it is the responsibility of the skip company who must ensure that all appropriate regulations and conditions are adhered to.

  • A licence can be valid for a maximum of 28 days although if a skip is actually required for less than that, the application should say so. For longer periods additional applications should be made.
  • Only one skip will be allowed on the Highway at any one time unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • A minimum of 10 days notice is required to process the application.


When carrying out any building work/maintenance or removal of any part of a property which is adjacent to the public Highway (road, pavement or rear lane), the safety of all users of the Highway is a priority.

This is achieved by providing safe areas at ground level or a platform at high level. When it is necessary to place hoardings on the highway around the place of work or to erect a scaffolding, you need to get permission from Ceredigion County Council. To place a hoarding adjacent to the highway, or to erect a scaffolding on the Highway without first applying for and being granted a licence is an offence under The Highways Act and may result in a prosecution. Once permission has been granted, the conditions attached to the licence must be carefully read and kept to at all times. The basic requirements of the conditions are as follows:

  • Scaffolding and hoardings may only be erected on the public Highway by suitably qualified contractors.
  • A licence can be valid for a maximum of 4 weeks, however if a scaffolding is actually only required for 10 days, the application should state that. For longer periods, additional applications should be made.
  • A minimum of 10 days notice is required to process the application.

County Roads

Ceredigion County Council will decline any requests for trading from the Highway on County Roads.

Under the Highways Act 1980, Ceredigion County Council, as Highway Authority, has a statutory duty to abate any nuisance and to resolve any unlawful obstruction interfering with the free passage, use and enjoyment of the highway.

The Highways Act 1980, Part VIIA, Sections 115A as incorporated by the local government Act (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982, allows councils to give consideration to the provision and licensing of amenities on the highway. Ceredigion County Council has not adopted the street trading provisions of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act and therefore relies primarily on the Highways Act 1980 to ensure the free, and safe, passages of the public on its Highways network.

There are many reasons why Ceredigion County Council, as Highways Authority, chooses to deny/decline a request for trading from the highway including the effect or consequences that such an activity may have for other local business.

Trunk Roads

Please apply in writing to the North and Mid Wales Trunk Roads Agency (NMWTRA).

North & Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency,
Unit 5,
Llys Britannia,
Parc Menai,
LL57 4BN