Have you seen ‘Hapus i Siarad’ stickers around Cardigan? Perhaps you will see more of them in the near future as Cered: Menter Iaith Ceredigion announce that they will re-launch the popular scheme in order to promote the use of the Welsh Language at town centre businesses.

‘Hapus i Siarad’ (Welsh for ‘happy to talk’) was initially launched in 2013 and its aim was to normalise the use of spoken Welsh at local shops, cafes and pubs and a sticker was provided to participating businesses to place in their windows and badges were promoted for Welsh speakers to wear.

Whilst Cardigan has changed greatly over the decade since launching the scheme, the Hapus i Siarad stickers are still seen across the town and there has been demand to re-launch the scheme in order to make it easier for Welsh speakers of all kinds including learners to know where they can start a conversation in Welsh with confidence.

With it being the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Welsh Offer Week this week, Mentrau Iaith in the ARFOR area such as Cered in Ceredigion are holding a range of activities and making a number of exciting announcements such as this one to mark the occasion.

Over the next few months, Cered would like to hear from residents and businesses in the area to learn what kind of resources would be of interest to promote this scheme e.g. window stickers, badges, leaflets, posters etc. What would be of interest to you? E-mail your ideas to Cered: cered@ceredigion.gov.uk.