The Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) that address alcohol related anti-social behaviour have been extended in three town centres in Ceredigion.

It was confirmed during a Council meeting held on 21 September 2023 that the restrictions targeting the consumption of alcohol in designated areas within the town centres, will continue in effect from 20 October 2023 for a further three years until 19 October 2026. The towns in question are Aberystwyth, Cardigan and Lampeter.

These powers help the police deal with the problems of nuisance, annoyance or disorder associated with the consumption of alcohol in those areas. The Public Space Protection Orders make it an offence if a person fails to comply with a request from a Police Officer or an authorised Officer to not consume, or refuse to surrender alcohol to the officer within the designated area. Public notices will be placed in the press, advising members of the public that the PSPOs have been extended and the effect of such orders.

Councillor Matthew Vaux, Cabinet Member for Partnerships, Housing, Legal and Governance and Public Protection, said: “The current Public Space Protection Orders have now been renewed twice since their introduction in 2017, as a result of the positive impact they have had on reducing alcohol related anti-social and intimidating behaviour. The continued extension of these provisions will assist in ensuring our towns remain welcoming, thriving and safe places for people of all ages and backgrounds.”

The Orders and accompanying maps are available to view on Ceredigion County Council’s website: Drinking Alcohol in Public Places