Let’s help keep Ceredigion clean this summer by dealing with our litter and dog waste legally and responsibly.

Across Ceredigion, we have a wide range of litter bins, varying in size and shape. We aim to site the most appropriate type of bin to suit the location where they will have a positive impact on cleanliness and the local environment. 

We consider the footfall in the area, the practical considerations of servicing the bins and how they will look at each location. There are currently over 660 litter bins in use across Ceredigion and these vary from small post-mounted bins through to large 1,100ltr wheely bins which have been re-purposed for use as on-street bins where demand and usage are high and these bins can provide the capacity required. 

A proliferation of bins isn’t a good look and they can cause nuisances and problems in some places by attracting fly tipping or accumulations of waste. On-street litter bins are for on-the-go litter – it is an offence to place domestic or trade waste in or near them. 

Bagged dog waste

All our general waste litter bins in Ceredigion accept bagged dog waste which makes this as convenient, simple and easy as possible for dog owners to do the legal, responsible and right thing which supports our Your Dog Your Job campaign. Materials raising awareness of Your Dog Your Job have recently been sited at a number of locations across Ceredigion.

New bins in place

17 new bins were installed in preparation for Ceredigion National Eisteddfod at Tregaron in 2022. So far in 2023, 26 new bins have been installed in Aberystwyth town centre and additional bins have been provided at New Quay with a further programme of bin replacement underway on a prioritised ongoing basis across Ceredigion. As well as replacing end-of-life bins with new ones we also look to refurbish, refresh and clean our fleet of litter bins to keep them looking as good as possible.

Caru Ceredigion

Councillor Keith Henson, Cabinet Member for Highways and Environmental Services and Carbon Management, said: “We have a small but very dedicated team who undertake litter bin emptying, working throughout the year in all weather conditions.

“We’re very thankful for the staff who make sure that visitors and residents are able to enjoy the Ceredigion’s clean environment. Dependent on the location and usage, some bins will be emptied once a week with others being subject to three times a day collection during the summer peak season. There are obviously resource limitations to how many bins we have and how often we are able to empty them.

“We look to optimise and prioritise the resources in terms of bins and staff that we have available in doing our part to keep Ceredigion clean for the benefit and enjoyment of both visitors and locals alike. The provision and emptying of bins is one part of Caru Ceredigion. We would very much like to thank the public for working with us by dealing with their waste responsibly and legally by using a litter bin if one is available or taking their litter home with them which helps keep Ceredigion amongst the cleanest areas in Wales.”

The Keep Wales Tidy Impact Report for 2022-2023 states that the cleanliness score for Ceredigion’s LEAMS surveys was 76.7, which included the incredible achievement of one hundred percent of streets at B grade and above.

This fantastic result has been achieved through a real team effort which is what Caru Ceredigion is all about. As well as most visitors and local people dealing with their waste responsibly and legally in the first place, we are seeing an increasing number of volunteers who want to get actively involved in having a positive influence on issues which are important or of concern to them.

Other key stakeholders include Town and Community Councils as well as Keep Wales Tidy and the County Council who are very keen to keep Ceredigion clean.