The New Quay community are invited to put forward expressions of interest to develop the site of the Old Library and Reading Room for educational purposes.

A public consultation was held between 27 February and 07 May this year asking the public whether they agreed with the proposed new purpose of the Old Library and Reading Room in New Quay to ‘advance the education of the inhabitants of New Quay’. The local Cylch Meithrin, Town Council, Primary School, Football Club, Memorial Hall, Community Library and Public Service Board partners were also notified of the consultation.

The Charity Trustee Committee considered the responses to the consultation. It was noted that a lot of themes were put forward in response to the consultation, however there were no high numbers in respect of any one theme, and a number of the responses did not fall within the educational purpose. However the majority of the responses suggest that the public wish for the site to be used.

Councillor Keith Evans, Chair of the Charity Trustee Committee, said: “I would like to thank all those who took the time to respond to the consultation. It is important that the views of the local community are at the heart of any decision which affects them. This is an exciting opportunity for an individual or a community group to develop the Old Library and Reading Room in New Quay for educational purposes, and we look forward to receiving applications of this kind.”

The Committee considered the condition of the building, which requires significant investment to bring it up to a suitable condition. It was noted that the funds held by the Trust were not sufficient to cover this work. Therefore it was recommended that the Committee consult the community of New Quay on whether an individual or an organisation would be interested in taking on the site on a lease basis for an educational purpose, seeking grant funding to carry out the works as necessary.

If you are interested in taking on the site for an educational purpose, contact Clic Customer Contact Services on 01545 570881 or before 10 August 2023, stating “New Quay Expression of Interest”.