Grant of up to £800 (non means tested) or £5,000 plus vat and fees, for adaptations or equipment for disabled or elderly person to maintain independence.

What work does this cover?

This grant is for small adaptations and not for use as a contribution towards more extensive works where a Disabled Facilities Grant would be more appropriate.

Works eligible are smaller adaptations and equipment required to enable a person to maintain independence in their home for example;

  • Steps, minor ramping
  • Grabrails or handrails
  • Bathlift
  • Lever taps
  • The above are only some examples of what the grant can be used for.

Each application needs to be accompanied by recommendations from an Occupational Therapist, Community Care Worker or Trusted Assessor. If you feel that you may require extensive works, please contact the Social Services Occupational Therapist in the first instance.

The Occupational Therapist can be contacted on 01545 574000. Trusted Assessors are available through Care and Repair on 01970 639920 or through the grants section on 01545 572185.

Who qualifies?

Safe Warm and Secure Grants are non means tested up to £5,000 (plus VAT and fees) for clients requiring palliative care or swift discharge from hospital, and for over 65 year olds.

Therefore, the following people will be eligible to apply with no test of financial resources carried out:

  • Owner occupiers and tenants over the age of 65,


  • Clients needing palliative care and/or to enable early release from hospital.

A check will be carried out as to whether any relevant grants have been paid previously to ensure that not more than £5,000 plus fees plus VAT is given in any three year period. The Local Authority cannot pay for the same adaptations/work twice.

How much will I get?

There is up to £800 for fast track/minor adaptations required for palliative care which is available to owners and tenants, without restriction on age or means testing.

The maximum grant amount for other applications is set at £5,000 plus vat and associated fees (such as agent or arrangement fees).

The amount of grant will be determined by the department and will depend upon quotes obtained as well as any fees that you may need to pay. You need to wait for notification of the grant award before beginning any work. Payment for the work will be upon receipt of Invoice and is usually made straight to the contractor, after inspection.

How will I organise the work?

The Local Authority has a supervisory service which is available to help applicants to make an application for the grant. The supervisory service will measure up the property to produce a scheme of work, including drawings where necessary, obtain quotes for the work, including for specialist equipment, and sort out any issues as they arise. They will help you to fill in the application form and sort out the financial information that you may need to provide.

Grant conditions, including repayment

  • The grant condition period is 5 years
  • The applicant must intend to live in the property as their only or main residence for the grant condition period or for such shorter period as his health and other relevant circumstances permit
  • The works should be completed within 12 months of the approval, unless otherwise authorised
  • Payments will be made retrospectively, upon Invoice, and after inspection of the works
  • There will be no repayment conditions on this grants.

In cases of suspected fraud or deception - It is the policy of the authority to actively pursue, identify and investigate suspected instances of fraud and deception.