A section of Borth beach and promenade has restrictions on it, one excluding walking dogs on the beach and one excluding walking dogs without a lead on the promenade. You will see signs near the beach and promenade detailing these restrictions. These restrictions are in place by virtue of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).

The Dogs Exclusion (On The Beach, Borth) Order 2008

The Dogs On Leads (On The Promenade, Borth) Order 2008

What is a PSPO?

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, replaced the previous Dog Control Orders with PSPOs and enables local authorities to continue to implement any restrictions that were in force under the previous Dog Control Orders.

These powers help the police deal with the problems of nuisance, annoyance or disorder, and in Borth any problems associated with dogs on the beach in Borth or on the promenade without a lead. It is aimed at keeping the beach cleaner and safer by restricting dogs on the beach and also tackle the problem of dogs that are out of control and allowed to run off a lead on the promenade.

What is a public place?

This is any place which the public have access to and includes streets, roads, pavements, grassed areas, pedestrian areas, amenity and seating areas, parks and car parks.

Certain places will not become protected public spaces at any time. These are places otherwise authorised by license, including public houses and clubs. Premises where a Temporary Event Notice is in force are also excluded.

What powers are available to the police in this PSPO area?

The PSPO in Borth is breached when a person in charge of a dog takes a dog onto, or permits the dog to enter or to remain on, any land to which the Order applies (with exceptions), or fails to keep a dog on a lead on the land in which the Order applies (with exceptions). Offenders are liable to a summary conviction and a fine not exceeding £500.

Review and Extension of the PSPO

Notice is given that the Public Space Protection Orders in Borth, Aberystwyth have been extended until 20/10/2023. (The original orders that have been in place since 2017 are due to expire on the 19/10/2020)